Competitive Karuta

- 競技かるた -

Competitive Karuta ONLINE is an online battle game based on the official rules of Competitive Karuta. It adopts Karuta cards approved by All-Japan Karuta Association and reading by A-class reciter.

VS Online

- オンライン対戦 -

Ranked matches allow you to play against anyone in the world in real time. Private Matches allow you to play against your friends when you tell them "PASSWORD".


- 対戦分析 -

You can view detailed data such as match history, winning rate, fouls rate, average time. You will know the time between reading Kimari-ji and taking the card.

:Competitive Karuta ONLINE
Delivery date
:April 25, 2019
Supported OS
:iOS 9.0 or higer / Android 4.4 or higer
Delivery country
:More than 50 countries.
:English / Japanese

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