This app is a reciting
Karuta of Hyakunin-isshu

You can customize the cardlist to suit your own use.
For karuters and beginners.

Features of Recite Karuta

A-class Reciters

All Japan Karuta Association
A-class reciters are recorded.
*You can purchase additional reciters.

For Karuters and Beginners

You can set advanced settings of reciting Competitive karuta, Chirashi-dori and cardlist selection, etc.

Supports all
practice and match

Supports memorization time,
recitation and the end of the match with this app.


With simple operability, you can concentrate on the match. In addition, automatic feeding that does not require operation is possible.


You can check the cards recitation, changes in Kimari-ji, reciting settings, etc.

Create and Customize Cardlist

You can create your Cardlist, which is useful for recitation and practicing memorization.

Five-color Karuta is included in the preset

Cardlist of five-color karuta is included from the beginning, making it easy to get started.

Listen, Remember,

and Enjoy!

You can enjoy it as a music player such as loop playback and shuffle. It is also possible to play only Kimari-ji.

:Recite Karuta: Hyakunin-isshu
Delivery date
:June 7 2022(iOS), December 26 2022(Android)
:3.99$(in-app purchase)
Supported OS
:iOS 13.0 or higer, Android 7.0 or higer
:English / Japanese

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